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Trackimo GPS review.

In recent times the world has seen an influx of drone / UAV sales to people across the globe, from professionals to hobbyist, and beginners alike, but occasionally the joy of unmanned flight can be abruptly ended when your prized possession decides to fly away into the sunset for reasons unknown (or known...usually pilot error and not following pre-flight checks!)  

It is claimed on the world wide web, via forums, clubs, and public notices that approximately 65% of drone users who lose their aircraft never recover them. That is a huge number of drones just sitting there, out in the open, exposed to the how amazing would it be to be reunited with your gear?
So, how can we combat this? Well, one option (and the most feasible) is to mount a GPS unit on your aircraft. 

There are some cheap options out there which will do the job, but remember you get what you pay for, and you may end up with a unit that'll give you false readings. It's always wise to spend a little more and choose a unit that has a live tracking option.
The Trackimo GPS unit is the perfect example to help safe guard your UAV. 
The unit measures just  40x47x17mm and fits into most 3D printed cradles you can purchase off Ebay, or you can of course, secure it to the drone with Velcro.
Once you've registered yourself as a user via the Trackimo website, you will need at activate the unit, and voila!'ll be linked to you and will supply you with a GPS reading with a cellular network back up!

You can live track the unit on the website or via the app to give you real-time tracking intervals ranging from 1 to 120 minutes enabling you to fine tune your relayed information. It will also give you notifications by text,  email or both, informing you it's on the move, or it has stopped.  If  it stops for a long period of time, the Trackimo will go into sleep mode to preserve the battery life, which can last up to 48hours on the 1 minute tracking mode, and up to 2 weeks on the 120 minute setting, which is much more than most other trackers.  Of course, you can still get a signal from the Trackimo in sleep mode, so if the unthinkable happens, it will still give you a pin point location of it's last known whereabouts. 

The package comes with a waterproof rubberised case, and a waterproof rubberised case, aslong with a bettery and USB charger.
The tracker supports both IOS and Android platforms and has a tailored App for each, in which you can keep tabs on the trackers history, routes, and motion notifications.  You can fine tune it to give you more or less info depending on your usage application, as you can use this for a variety of things.
Using it on the DJI Phantom 4 pro for example, you would ideally want to see every last detail in the info settings, and allow it to relay the stats back to you as your flying.

You can purchase the Trackimo for a reasonable price of approximately £84 with a full 12 months subscription to your live cellular tracking. Once you've used up the 12 months, you'll need to renew the subscription at a cost of around £5 per month, which is a very cheap alternative to losing your could make a huge difference in safeguarding  your equipment.
There are plenty of options to choose from via the Trackimo website, from a standard subscription after a free 12 months coverage, to a lifetime subscription for a one off fee of around £210. 

Trackimo details -
·         Live tracker
·         Live flight channel
·         Dedicated App
·         flight logger
·         GPS and cellular coverage
·         choice of subscriptions
·         worldwide service
·         SOS button/alerts
·         instant notifications for speed, movement, stopping, and starting of a journey
·         one of the lowest service costs available
·         long lasting battery
·         compact and versatile

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