Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lume Cube review.

With the ever growing world of social media, and the need to capture stunning pictures to share with the world, it's no surprise that companies have developed a multitude of action cams, drones, and studio software to aid in capturing your perfect shot.

So, with the DJI phantom 4, Typhoon H, and the inspire already on the market, and nobody making any decent accessories for them, along come a company who are rapidly getting very well known in the drone world for their quirky and ever useful component....The Lume Cube.

Taking it's name from the product, the Lume Cube company was started on a 'kickstart' crowd funding idea back in November 2014. From then they managed to raise a huge $229,517 at the time they needed to go into production.  Headed by three main guys, Mornee Sherry (Chief visionary officer), Matt Cummins (Vice president), and Riley Stricklin (VP of sales), the company has been successful across the world with the Lume Cube product.

The Lume Cube is a "Revolutionary little light. 1,500 Lumens of power  in a 1.5"cube. Works with iPhone, Android and GoPro or any Camera" as the company put it, but I will elaborate a little....

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, and sporting a single but very large LED , the Lume Cube is made for any situation! I use mine on my Phantom 4, and also on my E-bike as my primary light source. 
They are waterproof to 100M, and fully rechargeable via a screw sealed USB socket, and are quite popular in the surfing world too! 

They don't cast a long narrow light, but instead cast a wide angle light to allow more visual appearance on close objects....perfect for night flights! 

The light has 9 settings of intensity, so you can get the right amount of light you need for your shot or flight. 

Whilst in flight you would need to have the Lume Cube on the highest setting as your high up and not casting too much light on objects below, but if you are shooting a low pass you can get away with a lower intensity depending on the natural light source.

They are fully conversant with android or apple smartphones and tablets (providing they're not too old), and run off a Bluetooth operated App, for those of you who want to use them with just your mobile device. 

Lume Cube offer a range of mounts for different drones and cameras to utilize these amazing lights. 

These are fast becoming as popular as a GoPro camera as they are the perfect aid in anyone's flight/film box! 

Overall, they are an amazing little product that if purchased will be used for all sorts of film, photography, biking, or surfing!....you name it, it'll be there! 

For more info please visit LumeCube

Specs as follows...
  • One 1.5" cube
  • 150 Lux @ 9ft. (3M)
  • Fully waterproof up to 100 feet
  • 1/4 20 mount on bottom
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Bluetooth ready
  • 2+ Hours battery life at 50%
  • Easily mountable with all GoPro and action cameras
  • Constant light and flash modes
  • Optical slave capability
  • Durable casing
  • Smartphone app to control remotely via bluetooth
  • First ever off-camera flash for mobile photography
  • Sync and control multiple lights simultaneously
  • Quick charge
  • Color temperature 6000K
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android phones
  • Buttons to control light output manually

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