Friday, 22 July 2016

Traxxas Aton drone review.

The Traxxas brand has dominated the RC car scene for a long time now, and have produced some of the fastest mainstream production cars on the planet. The XO-1 for example, could hit a top speed of 100MPH!. So with the ability to make great products with unique selling points, Traxxas set upon designing a quadcopter that has GPS hold and return-to-home features.

They did produce a very basic quad called the 'Alias', but the Aton was a tall order considering giants like DJI, and Yuneec dominated that sector.

So, the Aton was born! It's a great 400 sized drone, that is backed up by plenty of spares, which is perfect for anyone who knows that a crash is inevitable at some point!

It comes supplied with a battery, charger, blades, handset, tall legs, and a go pro mount or brushless gimbal, depending on the spec you want, so you get everything to get you up in the air.

The Aton boast 3 flight modes...

1. Film mode
2. Sport mode
3. Expert mode.

Film mode is very docile, enabling the user to go slow and steady to allow easy capture of go pro footage. It also sports GPS lock, and altitude hold with the added security feature of RTH (return to home).

Sport mode is similar to film mode but is more responsive to the inputs you place into the handset, which allows for some fast and fun flying!

Expert mode is ....well.....BLOODY HARD! Only experienced pilots should attempt this mode. It is extremely responsive, and super sensitive to your inputs, but allows you to fly more like a 3D pilot, giving you the ability to perform midair stunts!

The build quality isn't as 'posh' as a Phantom BUT, it is very durable! We did crash our test drone, but it didn't do any damage at all from a 30mph low pass bank!

It boasts orientation lights on each corner and under all legs, to help you with your flights, especially if your partial to a bit of night flying!!

The Aton is a great flier, I was surprised by the way it held it's position so steadily, and when put through it's paces, it flew just like a racing drone, so best of both worlds if you ask me!

All in all, it's a great entry level flier with the ability to change with your skill level, making it one to keep!
For more info please visit Traxxas, and Logic RC here in the UK.

A special thanks goes out to Ant Fox of wheelspin models for helping me produce the video for this review. 

Blade Circle: 22.83" (580mm)
Rotor Diameter: 8.27" (210mm)
Rotor Center Distance Diagonal: 14.57" (370mm)
Rotor Hub Distance Vertical: 10.30" (262mm)
Width: 18.57" (472mm)
Overall Height: 3.70" (94mm)
Overall Height with Landing Gear: 8.57" (218mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.11" (3mm)
Ground Clearance with Landing Gear: 4.87" (124mm)
Overall Flight Weight (with Battery): 30.33 oz (860g)
Flight System: Auto-Leveling Six-Axis
Radio System: 2.4GHz 6-channel Multi-mode
Main Frame Structure/Material: Molded Composite
Battery Type: 3-Cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Discharge Rating: 20C
AC Battery Charger Rate: 3.0A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless Outrunner
Skill Level: 1

Aton Aton Plus
Camera Mount: Fixed 2-axis Gimbal
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh 5000 mAh
Flight Time w/o Camera: 18-20 minutes* 25-28 minutes*
Flight Time w/ GoPro HERO 4 Camera: 13-15 minutes* 20-25 minutes*
*Results may vary. Flight times are affected by many variables such as wind, payload, and temperature.

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