Sunday, 19 June 2016

Phone case by 'Carved' review.

So, I've had my new 'Ironside' case from 'Carved' for about a week now, and it is by far the best case I've EVER had...

It isn't just your 'run-of-the-mill' case you see everyday on eBay for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, no, this case has a history, a connection to a more brutal era, a story to tell.

Carved timbers from an 18th century Naval ship yard, it is reclaimed wood that was originally produced for battle ships and derived from ancient American forests...over 300 years old! The timber has the character you'd expect of a ship that has fought the bloody battle. See their story here.... Carved 'Ironside'

The case consists of two materials...Polycarbonate, and the reclaimed wood to finish it off.
The timber sits perfectly bound in the poly' body, and gives the case a robust and natural feel. 

The idea of making cases from reclaimed timbers was a joint affair consisting of a manufacturing genius and an e-commerce super tech guy, who, in the early years had developed cases for the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and Kindle Fire. Grant who had a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing and John, who was a tech guru came up with a bullet proof production plan to produce cases with character and finesse.

Spanning over 5 years they have produced various cases for a multitude of phones from iPhone to Galaxy to Nexus etc, but have truly honed the wood work skills in the last few years giving us some absolutely beautiful cases for some high end handsets.

This one is NO exception. It is a lovely feeling case with a 'sturdy' weight to it, and a solid feel. The aesthetics of the design are beautiful, hugging the phone and giving it an executive look. BUT, the most interesting thing about it, is the background story!.....

 Here's an extract from their website.....
 "A large collection of old oak timbers was discovered during an excavation project near Boston. After further research, it was realized that these were timbers from the Charleston Navy Yard which operated from 1800-1974. These timbers were huge, solid beams, hand cut from ancient American forests.
Now you can own a small slice of American history. We have taken these large timbers and given them new life as beautiful cases for your phone. Some of this wood is from trees that would have started growing over 300 years ago!
Hand finished real wood cover, combined with a polycarbonate case. Flexible rubber sides easily wrap around all four sides of your phone to better protect against minor mishaps. Not too bulky, just a simple case designed to help protect and show off both your iPhone 6 and the beautifully finished wood. Made to order and hand-crafted in Elkhart, Indiana."

Now, these guys run a very 'tight ship', ( pardon the pun ), and now operate a production operation that consists of some very handy and knowledgeable work men and women. Please visit the 'About us' page of their website.

'Carved' produce an array of interesting cases, all well worth a closer look, and I'd imagine they will expand over the coming years.

Truly stunning cases with an awesome background and an awesome work force.

With this company you have a wide choice of timbers, and other materials to indulge your senses...Why don't you visit them at

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