Saturday, 14 May 2016

Freefly VR goggles review.

As I work in a model shop, I was asked to represent the company at the Gadget show this year at the N.E.C in Birmingham.

The Gadget show was FULL of top companies selling Drones, to P.C software, BUT, one company had a full and overcrowded stand the duration of the show....THE FREEFLY stand!

These guys have produced an affordable way into Virtual Reality with these great goggles.

They come complete with a Bluetooth remote control for gaming and navigation, and a really nice carry box to put everything in!!
If you have not entered into the world of VR, then your missing out BIG TIME!
There is plenty of games, media, 360 camera photos to view, it'll keep you immersed for hours.

The best thing about these FreeFly googles is that they're cheaper and better made than leading competitors efforts. Samsung haven't got the edge on these guys with the Oculus goggles.

These goggles are much more comfortable, and feel better made....But at a smaller cost, it seems like a no brainer to not have a go with these!

The lenses, when placed close to the eyes, will force your brain to combine the separate images into one picture, but as the images are slightly different to each other, they give you the feeling of a 3D environment, which combined with your phones internal gyro will throw you into a fully 3D and spatially free world.

The phone fits in very easily and comfortably, and with adjustable sides and uppers you can get the perfect fit to view your content.

If your a fan of F.P.V then there are programmes out there that will utilize these goggles to allow you to move the camera on a drone, and experience a 3D flight.

Well worth a look at guys, and if you are a gadget freak like me, then these are the perfect addition to your gadget collection!

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