Thursday, 19 May 2016

DJI Phantom 4 review.

Hi, and welcome to this write up.

Thanks to Wheelspin models I have had the chance to play around with the latest edition to the DJI phantom family...the Phantom 4!

Now, this drone has a few tricks up it's sleeve that it's predecessors do not!
For now have the pleasure of flying a drone with 'collision avoidance' incorporated in it's system, which will allow for a safer and smarter flight. The Phantom 4 will sense out any solid object within a modest size dimension and avoid and re-route it's flight path using the front facing and downwards facing cameras!

Perfect for the high speed camera shots across a beach!

Talking of 'high speed', the Phantom 4 can reach speeds of upto 44mph!!!, making it one of the quickest and most agile camera drones on the market today, and combine that with it's intellectual smart features like 'follow me', 'track an object' and P.O.I modes, it makes for a superior 400 sized quadcopter.

Range has been significantly widened to upto 3.2miles!, but has a controlled height limit of 500m, which to be honest is plenty for any one. The light bridge technology has been improved for the Phantom 4 to aid it in it's huge capable distance but DJI have still retained the use of the Phantom 3 handset which was the first handset they used on a Phantom that incorporated light bridge technology.

The Phantom 4 camera can now record upto 120 Fps in 1080p, giving some awesome slo-mo footage! Again the footage can be adjusted to record in 4K at 30 Fps for those of you who have the capability of relaying 4K footage on a 4K enabled device.

The DJI GO app is still the same used across the fleet, so is very easily navigable, and the streamed footage can be viewed in 1080p too.

The all new DJI assistant software which is downloadable to your PC is MUCH better than using your mobile device to update and set sensors, as it reacts to a PC much quicker and gives more accurate adjustments too.

It also comes in a brilliant hardened foam case, which is laser cut to fit the drone, handset, two batteries, the charger, and all cables into a neat and tidy compartment. 

The Collision avoidance system is Amazing! As you can see in the short video above, it can even sense trees!
I have had a quick flight using sport mode and it is VERY QUICK!  it could catch you out if you don't know what you are doing!

The physical appearance of the drone is very appealing. It now sports a shiny exterior and a smaller frame compared to the phantom 3. The camera gimbal is tucked away within the body so as not to expose the internals of the gimbal system like on the phantom 3.

Overall we have a drone that everybody has been waiting, versatile, nimble, and more autonomous than ever before!

Prices in the UK vary,between £1000 and £1300, BUT please bear in mind that some cheaply priced Phantom 4's only come with a Chinese warranty, which means who ever you had it off will have to send it to China for repair, whereas Official UK sellers like Wheelspin models will honour UK warranties.

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