Friday, 22 April 2016

Rhino laces....virtually indestructible! Full review.

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Well yet again it's been a, work, and hobbies take up a large chuck of time in my world, so I have to cram my reviews in as much as I can now!

Today I'm looking at the 'Rhino laces' which were sent to me by Justin and Adam, who are wildland firefighters from Canada. They were getting rather fed up of their laces burning up or breaking whilst acting in the discharge of their duties as firefighters, so they came up with the idea of 'indestructible' laces to help combat the annoyance of having to change laces for new ones nearly every call of duty!

I personally think they are amazing inventors for creating something that is so versatile and hard wearing, yet can blend into footwear for every day life.

Rhino Laces are made from a strong inner core wrapped in a blended sheathing and are capped with solid metal lace tips. They are assembled by hand in the U.S.A. and must pass very high quality standards before being shipped. Rhino Laces will not burn through or wear out and simply won't break under the stress of a hard job. They are guaranteed for life and Rhino laces are so confident they cannot be broken they will replace them for free if something happens.

I did try to burn and saw the laces, but it was clear it wasn't going happen! They are as tough as 'old boots' ( pardon the pun ) , and are well worth a place on any adventurers never know when they will come in handy! +Bear Grylls should have some of these in your survival bag!

If you try to saw them, it becomes apparent that your wasting your time, as inner core feels like a stranded metal core, which, in itself is pretty durable...I mean they use that stuff to suspend bridges right!?

So, I decided to burn it with a lighter but that provide useless too! I'd imagine in a heated environment where tress are burning and woodland is smouldering it would be really easy to melt regular laces, but these I think would stand up to anything! 

Definitely worth a mention and certainly something to put on your list of outdoor purchases!

For more info please visit rhino laces

Rhino Laces come in 5 colors and 9 sizes to fit and match any boots you have. Rhino laces recommend measuring your existing boot laces to get the proper size when ordering.

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