Monday, 1 February 2016

Lapierre Overvolt FS 600 e-bike pedal assist bike review!

Hi guys,

Well after a long wait over Christmas, my new toy finally turned up! A new Lapierre Overvolt FS600 E-bike!

Thanks to Jonathan Bayes at Wheelies. I was able to get a stunning bike at a great cost.

I have always been into mountain biking, and over the years I have had an array of machines, from downhill rigs to mild cross country lightweights, but I have always liked the idea of an electric bike.....

YES, ok, it is a way, BUT, it's SOOOO much more fun to ride, plus I have found myself doing more miles as the pedal assist gives me that boost. I'm not as fit as I used to be, so this thing is keeping me in check. If I carry on doing the miles I will be back to a fitness level I remember!

Now, back to the bike itself.

Lapierre are no strangers to the world of eMTB and have a close relationship to Bosch who supply the motor. The whole bike has been designed around the motor, and looks stunning. It's angles and lines make the bike very easy on the eye, and its riding position is perfect for me.

It comes with some great equipment, Like signature 780mm wide bars by Nico Vouilloz MTB world champ a million times over, all new 'performance line CX' motor with 75Nm of torque, and peaks at 500W!, Fox forks and rear shock, and some Easton bits and bobs to top it off.  It is a lot of bike for the cash!

With 150mm front travel and 140mm rear, this thing will take on most trails even some hardcore ones to piss the DH lads off! The forks come with a 3 stage adjustment, soft medium and hard. Hard will lock the fork out for those of you who don't like bobbing about when on the tarmac. The rear shock is the new 'void' by Fox and ultimately performs the same functions as the forks.

Brakes are shimano's entry level hydros, but still perform adequately, although I'd imagine I will go through pads fairly quickly when the pedal assist is kicking in.

Shimano XT rear mech with the clutch system utilized to reduce chain slap and chain suck, but also to keep gears shifting smoothly through it's 10 speed range. 

The motor has it's own digital assistant in the form of the bosch 'Intuvia' display, which works in conjunction with the provided joystick which allows remote access from your finger tips with out Intuvia is a speedo in essence but with full control capability of the assist levels you require. The assist levels range from 'ECO' being the lowest output right through to 'TURBO' which will give you 300% pedal assist all the way upto 15mph! There is of course aftermarket tuning options to allow upto 28mph, but you will void warranties, and put a lot of stress on the motor in the long term.

I opted for the retro fit upgrade of the Bosch NYON sat nav display which is available from Martin and the good guys over at the e-bikeshop, who will be happy to assist you in your upgrade should you wish to. It's a great piece of kit and only adds to the fineness of the bike.
It gives you full Sat nav functions, with the ability to plot your trails via the bosch e-bike hub, and mark points of interest, which is handy as it will point you to your nearest Bosch dealer!
It also gives you fitness levels, which are spread across calories burnt, to heart rate etc.
Check it our here...e-bikeshop/nyon

The battery is a 400Wh 36V jobby, which holds enough juice to get you 40 miles on a full charge in TURBO, or up to 100 miles if your in ECO mode. It takes just over 3 hours to charge my battery from empty, so not too long to wait in between.

27.5 wheels and tyres will give you very little rolling resistance, but but amazing stability in the corners too.

The bike delivers power very progressively and doesn't knock you off balance with power surges, which is handy when you want to power out of corner or two.

Climbing hills is where this bike comes into it's own. It makes light work of them depending on the gradient and the power assist level you have set, but it will help you along a positive path to fitness and fun.

Overall this bike is the best bike I have owned. eMTB'ing is the future, and there is plenty of manufacturers adopting this discipline, and plenty individuals making the purchase of these why don't give it try!...hell, you can come and test out mine! At £3399, it's no more than a bike of similar spec without the motor!!

Thanks to Martin at the e-bike shop
Thanks to Jonathan at Wheelies

  • Frame

    OVERVOLT BOSCH OST+ ALLOY 140mm Rear Travel - BOSCH PERFORMANCE CX 25km/h - Standard Battery 400Wh - Intuvia Display
  • Shock absorber

    FOX FLOAT DPS LV EVOL190x51mm                                   
  • Fork

  • Headset

    FSA Orbit 1.5ZS SC NO.57SC + 8.2mm TOP CAP
  • Crankset

    FSA CK745 170mm 15T
  • Stem

    EASTON EA50 8° Ø: 31.8mm L: 60mm
  • Seatpost

    EASTON EA50 LO Ø: 31.6mm L: 350mm
  • Handlebar

    LAPIERRE Nico Vouilloz Signature Alu 6061 W: 760mm R: 15mm Ø: 31.8mm
  • Rear derailleur

    SHIMANO XT RDM786GSL SHADOW+ 10-Speed       
  • Brakes

  • Shifters

    SHIMANO DEORE SLM610 10-Speed Ispec
  • Saddle

  • Wheel

    MAVIC EN323 27.5" 32H - FORMULA DC51 15QR 32H - FORMULA DHT142 32H BLACK 12x142mm + FQR-12-E Thru Axle
  • Sprocket

    SHIMANO CSHG5010136 11x36 10-Speed
  • Tires

  • Weight

    22,1 Kg

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