Wednesday, 23 December 2015

New 2016 Selk'bag 5G wearable sleeping bag review!

In this review I am taking a look at the all new Selk'bag Original.

Designed and tested in the Chilean Andes, the Selk'bag Sleepwear System has developed over multiple generations and has become the perfect evolution of the sleeping bag.

The selk'bag team have now launched the latest generation of Selk'bag - Selk'bag 5G!

This comes with some added improvements to allow for a better outdoor experience including removable booties, better and more anatomical fit, better temperature performance and other nice items like kangaroo pockets.

The fact that the detachable booties have been added is a MASSIVE bonus. You can now zip them off in your tent, and go about your business outside with your walking boots on! You would always make the feet on the original design very wet if you used it on a winters morning, so this has come as a welcomed addition! 

The feel of the bag is much more 'upmarket', with it's super soft lining and toasty warm insulation....It gets you warm within a matter of a few minutes.

Extra pockets and 3d collar on the neckline, are also great for keeping in the warmth and keeping hold of your possessions.

Yes, given it still looks the same, but it's practicality has exceeded it's predecessor to allow these bags to stay top of the game in the years to come
They make SOOOO much sense! 

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Retailers in the UK and Europe will soon be due to stock these.

  • Removable booties that zip off and allow the wearer to use their own footwear. Booties zip together and may be used as a pillow
  • A more anatomical two-dimensional fit that greatly reduces dead air space and improves thermal performance as well as fit
  • Improved shell materials that are stronger, lighter and more thermally efficient

Also included are great Selk'bag features developed for better overall performance, including:

  • Baffled construction helps to eliminate cold spots
  • Double front entry-zippers and a right hip zipper make for quick entry while granting access to pants pockets
  • An insulated hood for added warmth
  • A convenient carry sack for compact portability
  • Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
  • Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers
  • Wide zipper tape prevents snags
  • Leg vents to help regulate temperature inside the bag

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