Friday, 17 July 2015

Blade 180 CFX 3d helicopter review.

Hi all,

Today I am going to show you a little diamond-in-the-ruff , and for those budding 3D pilots who want a cheap and more than capable basher machine, then take a look at this Blade 180 CFX......

The Blade 180 CFX has incredible performance for such a small heli, and is very quick in manoeuvres when you want it to be, thanks to it's 5800kv brushless motor and castle creations ESC. Although it's tiny, it does perform like a larger heli as it has the AS3X flybarless technology on board making it very stable in flight and when performing stunts.

Complete with a full carbon frame, servos, and a shaft driven tail, it looks like Blade took a leaf out of Aligns' book to bring this heli bang upto date.

I feel that this heli was what the blade 130 was actually meant to be. It goes without saying that it out performs the 130 by a mile, and you can see by looking at it that it has had a lot of thought placed into the design.

I've never been a massive Blade fan, but I wanted to scout around for a cheap and cheerful heli, that doesn't cost a bomb to replace parts in the event of a crash, and when I weighed up all the options, this 180CFX came up on top of my list.

Blade are quite 'mainstream' and most hobby shops will stock blade parts, so obtaining crash parts will be easy which makes flying this heli alittle more satisfying, and encourages you to push yourself a bit more as a crash won't cost the earth.

Whilst we are on the subject of crashes, I have since had a smash, and all I had to replace was the one set of cyclic servo gears! That's it! VERY ROBUST.

Out of the box it is mechanically set up at the factory so it is actually pitch perfect! All you have to do is input the correct info on to your spektrum transmitter and away you go....3D in a matter of minutes, and thanks to the supplied 450mah 3s battery, it has lot of grunt to meet the demands of even the most aggressive 3D pilot.

One negative I would mention is the canopy is VERY flimsy. It easily cracks when you try and pull it off the frame, BUT, at least its light enough to take a collision....well, better than a fiberglass canopy anyway.

This heli is a great little machine and can handle the wind and a good thrashing too.
It'll allow you to hone in on your skills and not worry too much about the inevitable crash!

Well worth the £174.90 as it comes with tools, and a battery too, so go grab yourself may surprise yourself.

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  • Optimized servo geometry for flawless control
  • AS3X® technology with piro-compensation
  • Reliable Castle Creations Talon 15 ESC
  • Rigid carbon fiber side frames deliver a solid structure
  • Integrated bearing block servo mounts
  • Digital high-speed Spektrum™ nanolite rotary servos for long-lasting precision
  • Spektrum™ DSMX® AR6335 nanolite receiver with AS3X flybarless technology
  • Powerful, 5800Kv brushless outrunner motor
  • High-output 450mAh 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po flight battery (included)
  • Efficient torque-tube drive tail with ball-bearing support
  • Aluminum tail boom and one-piece tail case design
  • Requires a 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum DSM2®/DSMX® technology and a suitable Li-Po battery charger - both sold separately

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