Sunday, 5 April 2015

Aerial Freaks Hyper 280 Acro quad review!

Hi everyone!

Well the team over at Aerial Freaks have sent me the very latest quad they have for the masses, and that is the HYPER 280 due for imminent release.

This little beasty is the smaller brother of the Hyper 400, but don't be fooled by it's's just as good as the 400.
It comes with the same NAZE 32 flight controller which is fully user programmable using the 'baseflight software', and this will have ALL the flight features the hyper 400 has, including the 'RESCUE MODE' which is a brilliant touch. BUT not dial in the same flight characteristics as the 400 like I did, as it makes it very tricky to control!....Instead, dial down your travel rates to 100% across all axis' and see how it feels before you tweak anymore!  Trust me, I crashed a few times because of this mistake!!

That brings us onto the durability of the quad. It's as tough as old boots! It can most definitely take a bash and you can just dust it off and try again, which is great for someone practising me!
(see video!)

Running on 3s 2200mah lipo batteries, this has PLENTY of power and feels very flickable in the air, and the ESC's are reversible 12amp so plenty for such a small frame.

The size comparison is similar to that of a 'blade 200qx'....only this thing has more taste, pace, and looks/feels more of a 'pro' unit than the plastic looks and under powered motors of the 200qx.

The hyper 280 is an amazing little machine to use and always draws a crowd. I haven't had a chance to test it in calm conditions yet so when I do, a video will be posted! Saying that, it is more than capable of handling windy conditions.

The canopy is again made by 'Fusano' so looks great and is tough too, although the paint scheme is a little different to the 400.
The frame is made from carbon fibre and the booms are too. The motor mounts are smaller versions of the CNC machined mounts of the 400, so super durable and look the nuts too.
The 3s battery sits in the carbon frame below the distribution board, and is a snug fit. There is room to seat all the power cables so they are not on show or in the way, but I didn't mess with mine as I will do it at a later date.

If you want to see a more expert pilot fly this thing then look at Lukas Dinger. He is the pilot for Aerial Freaks, and can make these things do all sorts!

So what make this different from the 400? Well I'd imagine the cost would be lower than the 400, so for anyone on a budget who wants a top quality, capable, and programmable machine then look no further! There is always competitors in this game but they will have a lot of catching up to do to get anywhere near the  hyper 280!

For more info please bookmark the Aerial Freaks webpage and keep a look out for the updates on the Hyper 280.

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