Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Aerial Freaks Hyper 400 3D quad review!

The good guys over at 'Aerial Freaks' have been kind enough to send me a Hyper 400 3D Quadcopter to test and review!

This thing rocks straight out the box! I mean, the QUALITY is amazing, it's visually appealing, and looks very aggressive even just sitting still......it looks like a freak accident between a heli and a quad, and this was the result! So, half monster, half.....something else, either way it looks like it means business! There are few more 3D quads out there but none that look half as good as this beast!

As most of my kits come in an unassembled form, I was surprised to see that this comes pre-built at the factory, and the only things you need to get this going is a suitable 3s or 4s battery and a receiver/satellite. This is great as most people do get a little frustrated with their build skills at times, and the time it takes to build some kits can take the enjoyment out of it somewhat.

The canopy is made by world renowned 'Fusano' who supply aftermarket canopies to most heli manufacturers, which is a great touch to compliment a brilliant piece of kit, as its eye catching, and stiff which adds to the toughness of this quad.

Opening the canopy will greet you with carbon fibre parts, such as main frame, boom legs, and alloy parts too which are machined specifically for these little monsters. The motor mounts are stunningly crafted from aluminium and colour coded to help assist orientation in flight.

The powerful and more than capable 2212- 1450KV brushless motors and 30A opto ESC's are really strong, giving you the punch you need to keep this thing in the air. They sound awesome too!

The flight controller is the 'NAZE 32' which is a popular choice amongst the acro-quad manufactures as it gives superior agility and stabilisation, allowing for smooth or aggressive 3d flight, and the PC software is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

All this gadgetry packed into a tiny 400 frame makes for a very exciting package, capable of great 3D stunts and very fast forward flight, and although I am a very early learner in the 3D realms, it is definitely a tool to help me hone in on the skills I am practicing, and, the parts are WAAAYYYYY cheaper to replace than the helicopters that I have!

Over all this quad is a very good contender in the market as it has much more going for it than the others in terms of appeal and cost. It comes in at $348 or £237 to the English market and that alone should make it stand out! Parts are readily available from Aerial Freaks and their customer service is brilliant.
  • Width/length: 314mm
  • Height: 110mm
  • Diagonal M2M: 400mm
  • Propeller Size: 8"
  • Flight Time 3D: 3-4 min
  • 3-4 Cell LiPo: 1800-2250      Kit includes....
  • 4 x Brushless Motor 2212-1450 kv.
  • 4 x ESC 30A Reversible No BEC.
  • 8"- 3D Propeller.
  • Naze 32 ACRO Flight Controller.
  • 5A BEC.
  • SBus inverter.
  • Power Distribution Board.
  • Power Wire And XT60 Connector.
  • Receiver connection cable     
  • HYPER 400 Frame (CNC aluminum and CF)
  • Strong CNC aluminum landing gear
  • Custom Fusuno fiberglass airbrushed canopy
  • High current Power distribution board
  • ZealBlades 8" High performance propellers
  • Futaba S-bus af zero latency signal inverter
  • SPEKTRUM/JR DSM2/X Sattelite RX adaptor
  • Standard receiver/ Futaba s-bus/ PPM-SUM/ DSM2/ DSM-X satellite receiver compatible.

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