Monday, 16 February 2015

Lifestraw personal water filter review.

The WaterNlife company have sent me a 'LifeStraw® personal' to review, and even though it uses the same technology as the LifeStraw® go that I reviewed last year, I thought that the public can be made aware of the great relief these straws bring to people in under developed countries.

As this is the 'personal' variation of the water filter that has been developed, it is the most effective tool for struggling countries who have poor quality water sources, as they can be carried around the neck and they have virtually no weight to them.
The Straw has a cap for the mouth piece and a cap for the water entrance to keep it as hygienic as possible.

The LifeStraw® technology contains a specially designed hollow fiber
ultrafiltration technology, most commonly found in industrial water
treatment plants that clean a city’s water supply. The inside of the
LifeStraw® consists of a large number of hollow fibers that resemble angel
hair spaghetti, but much thinner. Each fiber has pores in its walls with a
diameter of 0.2 microns or five hundred times smaller than the diameter of
a human hair. When water is forced through the hollow fibers, only clean
water can fit through these pores, blocking bacteria, parasites, and dirt from
reaching the user. This purely physical method of filtration does not contain
any chemicals.

The straw will filter out 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites making this a vital tool for the adults and children of these poorer countries.

It's easy to take everything for granted in our modern western world and forget about struggle and strife, but the families who are fighting for their very survival are the people we should think about.

Every one of these straws that are purchased will make a difference in the fight to combat illnesses caused by bad water. For every LifeStraw® sold, a child in Africa will receive clean drinking water
for an entire school year.
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