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SAB Heli Division 'Goblin 700' electric 3d RC helicopter review.

Hi guys it's been a while since I last wrote, due to my wife and I having a baby boy, so things have been a little hectic!

Anyway, lets crack on.....

Today I am reviewing the awesome SAB goblin 700 RC helicopter kit.

SAB have been around for a while now on the RC Heli scene, and many class their machines as the 'Lamborghini's' of  helicopters, due to the precisely machined parts, attention to detail, and the bloody awesome sound they make when on full chat, which is unmistakeably SAB!

Most Heli's run either a belt driven tail with a geared main shaft, or a geared tail as well as a geared main shaft, but SAB do things differently.....they run an entirely belt driven drive train on all the helicopters in the range, which in turn gives astounding power and the amazing sound too.

Now if you are already in the know with SAB, they supply the helicopters as an 'airframe kit' only, so you have to add your own running gear such as ESC and motor for example. But that's the beauty of having a heli like this, as you can tailor it to your style of flying or skill level.

I chose just a few budget items to go in my frame while I am still learning my 3D. I may change to some more expensive parts over time, but for now the set up I have is perfect for me!

The first thing that hits you with detail is the manual. It is very well organised, and very easy to follow, with colour pictures, and instructional paragraphs, that don't boggle your mind! My heli was easy to build and it was really enjoyable, as at the end of the build you are left with a huge monster!

The main frame and tail boom is constructed of carbon fibre, which give a lightweight but strong feel to the heli,, and as this helicopter is SOOO huge...there is plenty of carbon parts.

The main belt which comes from the motor pulley is huge and looks like it come off a lorry! It is more than capable of running insane head speeds, under masses of torque, without even breaking a sweat.

The head system is SAB's unique HPS head, which is extremely accurate and gives perfect movement in pitching up and down, and the swashplate is perfectly matched to accommodate the intense forces that run through the head assembly.

The Servo plate is precisely machined to mount the servos in exactly the right place without fouling the frame, which also gives you maximum throw up and down, enabling up to 14 degrees of positive or negative collective pitch.

The tail boom has a sacrificial point where there is two nylon bolts which are designed to take the most stress and pressure from a crash, limiting the damage that could occur in other areas, which again results in less to spend on new parts....always a good thing to the hobbyist!
Once I got my heli set up and ready to go, I took it out to a field and trimmed out some of the flight imperfections via my flybarless system (MSH Brain) and got it flying perfectly to my 'novice' needs.

I must say that bigger helicopters are much more manageable as they feel more solid in the air, and less prone to twitchy fast movements like a 250 or 450 sized heli.

I took my heli out again and attempted some very light 3D to see how the whole thing held up, and it was brilliant! EXTREMELY stable and the sound is great!

I couldn't recommend SAB enough, I've had Align Trex helis and a few others, but these are in a league of their own. They definitely stand out from the crowd and they are exciting to fly.

The ONLY negative about the heli, which is very superficial, is the canopy fit.....It is really tight, which is a good thing, but the draw back of that is you tend to crack it over time, at two common stress points as pictured. There is an easy option to prevent this, which is to drill two small holes 10cm away from the edge of the canopy, and on the inside just add some fibre glass resin to strengthen it. Trust me it works a treat! But PLEASE don't let this deter you from the Superior quality of theses machines, as they are superb in every way! 

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Model: SG701 Shipping Weight: 7.3Kg .....................................

Kit Goblin 700

• Main rotor diameter: 1568mm (with 690mm blades)
• Main blade length: 690 to 710mm
• Tail rotor diameter: 296mm
• Tail blade length: 115mm
• Main shaft diameter: 12mm
• Tail shaft diameter: 6mm
• Spindle diameter: 10mm
Weight including electronics 3470g (excluding batteries).
Maximum motor size: 64mm diameter, maximum height 64mm
Battery compartment: 60x58x350mm (adaptable to 64x58x350mm)

• Main Motor: Up to 62mm diameter motor can be used
• Maximum Battery Size: 60mm x 58mm x 350mm
• Cyclic Servos: High torque servos highly recommended
• Tail Servo: High speed, digital servo recommended


• 18T Pinion = ratio 11.3:1
• 19T Pinion = ratio 10.7:1
• 20T Pinion = ratio 10.2:1
• 21T Pinion = ratio 9.7:1
• 22T Pinion = ratio 9.3:1
• 23T Pinion = ratio 8.9:1
• 24T Pinion = ratio 8.5:1
• 26T Pinion = ratio 7.8:1
With Scorpion motor HK LE 4525-520,
normal flight= 20T
Hard 3D= 21T


(1)SAB Goblin 700 – Kit Only

(1)SAB 690mm Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blade Set

(1)SAB 115mm Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Set

What’s Needed for Flight:

(3)Cyclic Servos – High Torque Recommended

(1)Tail Servo

(1)Brushless Main Motor

(1)Brushless ESC

(2) 6S 22.2V LiPo Battery – 12S 44.4V System

(1)Flybarless Gyro

(1)7+ Channel Transmitter

(1)7+ Channel Receiver

(1)LiPo Battery Charger

Kit Notes:

SAB Goblin 700 comes as a kit form, requiring a complete build and all necessary electronics. Kit is designed for advanced pilots only.

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