Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cheerson CX-10 micro quadcopter review.

Let me introduce to you the Cheerson CX-10 micro quadcopter,  THE smallest quadcopter on the market to date!

This thing is even smaller than the Hubsan Q4 which held the title up until now, that is. It measures in at 40x40mm, which is tiny!

You may think that the flight characteristics might be less than ok because of it's size but you'd be wrong.....It is super stable in a hover and on the move, but it also performs very stable, super quick rolls and flips!
It weighs in at only 11.9g with the 100mAh Li-po installed, which aids the flight stability

The visual appearance of the quad is similar to the look of the larger DJI phantom, with a canopy that covers the top and bottom of the quad, to encase the PCB which they are based on. The Hubsan Q4 exposes the PCB which in my opinion makes it look like a cheapo quad.

It utilises the same 2.4ghz transmitter as the Hubsan Q4 which is really small, and people with large hands will fumble around with it for a while until they get used to it, but once you've got there it's quite comfortable to use.

You can click the throttle stick inwards to access the flight modes for example 1 click is junior, 2 is intermediate, and 3 is expert, which will give you steady to violent flight control.  On the opposite stick you can access the flip mode....just 1 click in then a push up for a front flip or a push to the side for a side roll, it's all very easy.

It uses LEDs on each corner of the quad for for the rear and blue for the front which on a quad this size helps a great deal!

Flight times come in at 4 minutes and charge times come in a 30mins, which is pretty much the norm for most small quads.

This is a really great quad to use and crashes will cause none or extremely minimal damage. My 5 year old daughter shot this up into the air around 40ft and just stopped the motors so it come plummeting to earth. There was no damage at all, just a few grass marks!

The best thing about this little quad is the price......£11.54 delivered!!! This is so cheap it's a no brainer!

So it is worth a shot at one of these if you want to start into the hobby and not worry about cost. It's a great flier, which will give you plenty of flying fun!

You can buy them at T-mart , where you can find spare parts and other flying RC things.

Item name: Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Size: 40 x 40 x 22mm
Color: pink,green,blue,orange
Flight time: about 5-8 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes
Control distance: about 20-50M
Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 100mah
Battery for transmitter: 2 x AAA battery(not included)
Color: pink,orange,green,blue
Certificate: EN71,EN62115,ROSH,HR4040,ASTM,RTTE,CE.

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