Saturday, 5 July 2014

Samsonite 'City Vibe collection' Small city backpack review.

The Samsonite brand is well known for luggage, and over the years have produced some of the best suitcases you can buy.
They're tough, durable, and modern in design with all the functionality every jet setter needs to get them on their merry way!

They also do a range of backpacks, daypacks, and small handbags/manbags.

This little backpack is a pretty cool thing! It's perfect for the city dweller with it's tablet pocket, phone pocket and compact design...not to mention the smart and clean exterior. It has a good amount of space in the main compartment too, which is great for lunchboxes, beverages, and magazines.

Although it's targeted at the modern 'always-in-a-rush' business person, I used it on trek through the forest to see if it fit the bill or was a none starter.......

I loaded it up with my portable Jet-boil cooker and some tins of all-day breakfast, along with my water purifier. This bag was starting to look a little out of place as the city theme is quite prominent in the design, BUT, never the less, I carried on through the woods and into the thick of the forest.
Brushing past the trees and the vast amount of bramble bushes, I was worried they might snag the bag as I went past, but the material is super tough and able to withstand encounters with sharp pointy twigs!
The zips on this bag are very robust, especially the exterior outer pocket's HUGE and very capable of keeping your valuables zipped up safe and sound.

The tablet pocket inside is lined with padded fleece for screen protection and uses a velcro scrap to lock it in position.  My iPad fit perfect inside it and I still had plenty of space for other items in the main area.

The straps and back are padded and vented to give the user some comfort which is ideal if your carrying some some of your prized possessions. The back area also has a semi concealed compartment, which looks good for stashing your cash and cards.
It also has what most rucksacks have, which is the chest strap and the waist strap. These help out a great deal as it gives you a secure bag which won't move around if you ride a bike to work.

This bag really has much more to offer a wider audience and not just the city folk. It's a lovely design, and very simplistic to look at. Strong and perfectly capable of tackling nature, it's an 'all-in-one' type of bag, that can be used on a camping trip when you've left work!

The 'Small City' bag retails at around £89 depending on which supplier you use, and for more information on this little gem please visit

All in all, this is a cracking backpack, that is worth some serious consideration!

Category Made of 100% nylon, with a degradé print as additional protection on the bottom. Black metal hardware and zipper pullers for high quality touch and feel, matching the black degradé print and webbing details.
Handles Top carry handle for easy grip and easy lifting.
Zippers Zippers with discreet Samsonite logo.
Exterior pockets One zipped front pocket, one large zipped front pocket with two pen loops, one slip-in pocket, one slip-in pocket for business cards and one phone pocket with flap and velcro, one large front pocket with one magnet behind the other two front pockets and one zipped back pocket, integrated in the smart sleeve.
Smart Sleeve Two protection studs on the bottom of the backpack.
Back Support Reduce stress on back thanks to back support.
Protection studs Two protection studs on the bottom of the backpack.
Backpack straps Padded, ergonomic, adjustable backpack straps for better mobility and comfort, with adjustable chest strap with buckle closure. The chest strap can also be altered in height.
Pen loops Yes
Laptop Screen Size 10.1"
Main compartment Main compartment with padded tablet compartment with velcro security strap.
Phone Pocket Yes
Tablet Pocket Soft touch tablet compartment thanks to fleece interior with velcro security strap.
Material 100% Nylon
Dimension 27.0 x 20.0 x 36.0 cm
Maximum tablet size 24.0 x 17.6 x 0.8 cm
Volume 13 L
Weight 0.60 kg | 1.32 lbs
Warranty Limited 2 year global warranty

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