Saturday, 8 March 2014

The complEAT 'energy booster' travel mug review.

Today I'm taking a look at the Compleat ' energy booster travel mug.

It's part of the range that Unikia have designed, which gives the consumer a more versatile way to store food or drink.
This little beauty breaks off into 3 separate compartments, allowing you to keep the likes of tea bags in one compartment and milk in another, and when your ready... water in the main. The idea is to keep things fresh and away from each other until your ready to mix them up!

It's ideal if you don't have the need to carry a full lunchbox but just require a little 'energy boost' along the way.....hence, the name!
I used mine to store my yogurt and fruit separately and then give 'em a mix when I was ready! It was small enough to place in the outer netting on my rucksack, and light enough to go unnoticed.

Again as with the rest of the range, it is made from BPA-free and dish washer safe materials, is very tough and also compact.

So, although a short review, it still makes for a great purchase, as it'll last you years, and looks pretty cool too! Practical, tough, and modern looking!

You can pick these up from and cost EUR24.95, but as always, if you buy 3 items you get the shipping free!

So that completes the reviews on the Unikia range....the Foodskin, Robust box, and this Energy Booster mug, are great outdoor gear. All 3 products are made with modern design combined with practical yet tough aspects which is needed when out on your outdoor adventures.

Why don't you try them for yourself!!

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