Wednesday, 19 February 2014

DJI phantom 2 and zenmuse H3-2d gimbal review

Hi all, today I am taking a look at the new phantom 2 and the Zenmuse gimbal from DJI in the states.

Following the success of the phantom 1, DJI went to work on the next generation of phantoms which included the FC40, phantom 2 and the phantom vision.

The phantom FC40 is basically the phantom 1 with a dji specific camera which looks alittle like the one they installed on the vision.

I opted to have the phantom 2 with a zenmuse gimbal which I could use with my Go-Pro hero 3.

Now, the first noticeable alteration on the phantom 2 is the battery. It is the new 'smart-battery' which contains 5200mah of power an LED power level meter on the head of the battery.
The battery will give you approximately 25mins of flight time which is a huge improvement on the original phantom, however if you add an FPV system it will be connected to the phantom's battery which will reduce flight times. I have an FPV system installed on my phantom 2 and I am getting around 16mins continuous flight.

The next alteration is the longer, wider self - tightening props which give a bigger pitch angle which in turn allows for a heavier payload to be carried.
The phantom 2 comes with all the necessary leads pre installed to fit the Zenmuse gimbal, and is super easy to install on the phantom.
The Zenmuse gimbal uses two brushless motors to move the go-pro camera around and to give it it's super stable hold too. This thing is very steady! Even when performing some fast turns the gimbal keeps the picture very smooth. Nice aluminium construction gives it a professional look about it, but is also robust and sturdy which is vital to keep the camera in top condition! The gimbal is controlled by the gimbal arm on the underneath of the transmitter and is pretty smooth when moved.
As with the phantom, the gimbal is update ready and programmable too. You just plug the phantom into your computer and use the dji programme software which is free from the DJI website. This software will allow you to set parameters, control distance, pitch controls, etc, etc. .the list goes on.
The gimbal also charges your go-pro battery should you leave it in!

The usual features are included such as the infamous 'return to home' mode which brings the drone back to the point it took off in the event it looses signal with the transmitter provided it locked down 6 satellites prior to take off.
The additional extra features on the phantom 2 are things like dual antennas for better signal, 1000m control distance (provided your line of sight is clear with no obstacles in the way), and an external USB port which is a massive improvement on the original one which was stuffed inside the battery compartment.

This new phantom 2 is the bomb! It oozes quality and gives people a very nice introduction into the world of drone flying.
You won't be Disappointed I promise! Look after your drone and it'll serve you for years to come.

For more info please visit
Prices vary in the UK but come in at approximately £491 including shipping for the phantom 2 only and £624 for the phantom 2 and the Zenmuse gimbal shipped to your door.

Ready to fly quadcopter
customised H3-2d gimbal support
precision flight and stable hovering
25mins flight time and intelligent battery
auto return home and landing
advanced power management
intelligent orientation control
Easy battery replacement
self tightening props
Video downlink support
CAN-bus expansion module
1000m control range

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