Sunday, 23 February 2014

Compleat Robust lunch box review

Hello again, today I will be taking a look at the Compleat Robust lunchbox from Unikia, the makers of the foodskin in a previous review.

The Robust is a very rugged and spacious lunchbox which is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, particularly those people who love short walks and stopping to have a quick bite to eat.

Although it is larger than the average lunchbox to carry around, it's more of a stand alone unit rather than an addition to your day pack, for obvious reasons.

Constructed from impact resistant BPA free materials it's tough enough to withstand an impact on rocky ground and still keep all your favourite food intact.
The spacious interior allows you to keep a fair amount of food and maybe a newspaper too. The additional container that comes with the robust is liquid-tight which is ideal for yogurt or even just to keep  your chocolate bars separate.

The Robust has an outer elasticated web that allows you to keep a bottle in or even your day jacket should the weather get warm and you need to shed a few layers.
It is pretty comfortable to carry and the strap is wide enough not to chafe your shoulders on your walks.

The robust can be packed upright and the lid doubles up as a mini table to place your items on.

All in all, it's a great addition to your adventure gear and to use at work! It doesn't have to be used as a lunchbox either, you can use it to store a variety of things.

A very cool looking lunchbox which is practical and study, easy on the eye and doesn't cost a fortune either!
The Robust comes in at €39.90 and as always if you buy 3 items from the website you get free delivery.

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