Monday, 26 August 2013

Native Union iPhone 5 'CLIC' wooden case review.

Today I am reviewing the Native Union CLIC wooden case for the iPhone 5.

Native Union provide a range of great gadgets like portable speakers, digital video memo devices, docking stations and the like, but they also provide iPhone 5 users the chance to give their iPhone a make over with this very sophisticated and elegant looking case.

Made with real cherry wood, the case is crafted out of a solid piece of the high grade material, and added to it is a splash of colour on the camera lenses corner.

It fits the iPhone 5 perfect with NO misalignment's anywhere and feels very secure.
Compared to most cases out there today, I feel it has the leading edge simply because it looks so damn good! Native Union seem to have picked the long grain from the wood to run with the length of the iPhone which accentuates the unmistakable dimensions of the iPhone 5, and gives it the 'upper class' look that the iPhone 5 deserves.

It comes in 5 different colours to choose, green, red ,marine, and gloss white and ALL have the signature 'laser engraved Native union' mark on them for an extra touch of class.

In all the colour variations they look stunning, and you can pick one up from at a price of £39.99, which considering the design process, material choices, and 'WOW' factor, isn't a bad price at all!
It will last you a long time, its tough and durable, but looks very pleasing on the eye, with its minimalistic contours and stunning wooden frame work.

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