Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

I want to share my thoughts on Samsungs new flagship mobile phone the S4.
The S4 has been on the wishlist for many of us now for sometime, and suffice to say Samsung have made a very techno-packed handset!
Firstly the phone is really light! It weighs in at 4.6 ounces which is lighter than the S3 and dimensions come in at 5.31 x 2.69 x 0.25 inches.
It has this superbly vivid screen with its 'Super Amoled' display which measures 5" and gives you 1080p resolution. The corner to corner screen occupies virtually the whole front of the handset and makes it more visually appealing than that of Apples iPhone 5 with it's very strange looking elongated screen.
The other thing that is significantly noticeable is the processing speed. It uses a 1.9-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU which makes everything very quick to launch. Tap a game and it starts it within milliseconds, then coming out of the game to the homescreen is even quicker... not laggy like the iPhones seem to be.
The Galaxy S4 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean augmented by Samsung's TouchWiz UI. You can enter apps by holding down the home button and Google Now is launched by long-pressing the capacitive menu button on the S4. It also gives you 19 quick setting buttons in the notification widget, which lets you toggle your phones settings etc.

Smart Scroll / Pause are two features on the Galaxy S4 that use eye tracking to scroll through webpages or pause and play videos. If you play a video and look away it will pause, although it takes abit of getting used to and it's more like turning your head away from the screen for it to recognise that your eye isn't making contact with the tracking camera on the front of the screen. If you use the feature whilst browsing the web just look up and down to initiate the auto scroll. 

The camera is quite simply stunning. Its HD quality is sharp, vivid and has depth to it's shots. It has various features such as 
-Animated Photo Mode 
-Eraser Mode
-Drama Shot
-Sound & Shot mode
-Dual Camera Mode
This is by far the best camera on a handset I have used, and I am very impressed with it. The iPhone 5 camera although good just doesn't come close to this one, and lacks the shooting modes of the S4 and the colour depth too.

It boasts some very trick features...
- NFC (near field comms) which enables contact-less payment methods
-Retina tracking, that monitors your eye movement so that when you look down on the screen, it scrolls down for you!
-Infrared, which was a thing of the past until now! It never should have been phased out in my opinion.
-Gesture recognition, programme the handset to your hand gestures to launch apps etc.
-Translator which is ideal in this day in age!
-Optical reader, The Optical Reader app uses text recognition to perform a variety of different tasks
-13 MP main camera and a 2MP front facing camera for use with HD video calling.

On the whole this handset is brilliant. The features Samsung have packed into this have made it a brute of a performer and for me personally, it takes first place above all other handsets out there to date. 
Definitely worth a purchase, and if your unsure still, just go and compare one to the other phones in the local phone shops, I'm sure you'll end up agreeing with me! 

For more info visit http://www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxys4/


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