Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Goodyear Outlander boot review.

The good people over at 'Canoe inc.' sent me a pair of these cracking 'Goodyear outlander-Hi' boots to test and review, and I was pleasantly surprised at the level of thought that has gone into designing these boots.
They're not your average wellington boots, as they boast a whole lot more features which make them far superior to any other wellington boot I've had! They're perfect for the country/outdoor person and would make a great addition to your festival kit too.

I walked in the forest with these on my feet for over 2 hours, in various conditions, ie. mud, water, gravel, grass, where they performed exceptionally well, and never made me feel uncomfortable.

The boots display a neoprene upper calf which as anyone knows, is very insulating even if wet, and very stretchy too so on the comfort scale these are way up in the rankings! Most wellington boots are made with the rubber outer running right up your calf and can sometimes be very uncomfortable as you start to get rub marks on your skin, which in some cases can turn to blisters, making it difficult to wear them. The other thing to note is I never felt too hot in these and again that can be an issue in other wellies.

They still have a 'strip' of the rubber running up the spine of the boot but it is only to keep the boot upright and to stop it from developing creases that could allow the upper to start dropping down the calf. Goodyear have also used webbing tape on the top of the boot to help assist entry into the boot. The inner is lined with a micro-fleece type material which adds a more 'refined' comfort to the wellington.

The toe box area is fully waterproof as most wellies are, but the material here is more supple, allowing the toe to move freely when walking and minimising restriction. It is also seam welded which keeps them water tight.

The sole is Great! It's more of a walking boot sole than a wellington boot sole. It has a cleated rubber outsole which is very hard-wearing, and an EVA midsole for added padding underfoot.

These sort of points are hardly seen in many, if not ALL wellington boots, so these are kind of special to be honest. I can imagine that someone working with horses would see a vast benefit from these, as being on your feet all day in Fields or race events would demand great performing footwear.

I love my walking boots, and these really do come close to my best boots. YES they're still wellies, but if you use your walking boots for trekking in the rain all day, chances are ( if you don't wear gaiters ) you'll eventually get wet socks as the water finds it's way into your boots after contact with your upper-ankle area of your wet trousers.

At £54.99 for the Outlander-Hi, I personally feel it's great value for money as it's a multi-disciplined boot, capable of use in the forest, campsite, festival, farm, or even just in your garden, and I would highly recommend these to anybody who is an outdoor enthusiast or works outside for a living.

For more info please visit www.debenhams.com

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