Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'Smart Tie' bluetooth personal alarm system review.

Hi guys,

I have just had the chance to review a brilliant little gadget by a company called 'It's mine technology'.
The gadget is called the 'Smart tie', and it's a bluetooth enabled personal alarm that is very versatile in its uses.

At first glance, the Smart tie is really small, it's tiny enough to fit in your hand or more importantly conceal in your baggage, or personal belongings or even on your keyring.
It works by pairing your bluetooth enabled phone or device to the Smart tie. Once the connection is made the Smart tie becomes an active alarm. It boasts two modes- audio, and vibrate. If the bluetooth connection is broken or lost, the smart tie emits an 85 decibel alarm sound, which is very ear piercing and will instantly attract attention.

Now, the first scenario I tested it in was at the supermarket. Your probably thinking 'why the supermarket?!', Well if your children are anything like my daughter, they wonder off and you spend most of the time searching for them in different isles or clothing racks, or at worse finding them with the store security guard crying because they're lost!
That's where the Smart tie comes in! If you conceal one of these in the pocket of your child and link it up to your phone, the moment your child does a 'runner' and goes out of bluetooth range the alarm will sound and you can listen for the alarm and ultimately find you child! Genius!

Scenario number 2, (one for the women).....Your at a bar and you leave your bag hanging on the back of your chair. Turn your smart tie on and pair with your phone. Place the smart tie in your bag and set it to alarm mode, place your phone in your pocket and enjoy a drink or three! Some chancer decides to swipe your bag without you noticing and before he gets out the door your alarm starts to sound highlighting the culprit! Or vice-versa, you put your phone in your bag and you hang onto the smart tie, the moment the phone in the bag loses bluetooth signal the smart tie alerts you to the theft.

This little gadget is really a 'no-brainer', it's a must have security item that's small, loud and discreet.
I'm sure there is plenty more uses for these little crackers, and could be used on all sorts of items.
The smart tie comes with an 'un-loseable' 2GB built in memory stick and you can even upload your very own alarm sounds to it, making it completely customisable.
At £29.99 from  it's a small price to pay for a little security on your possessions.

For more info visit the link above or give the guys a ring on   +44 (0) 1892 890609, and tell them matty's reviews sent you!

Here's the low-down on the smart tie.....
Key Features:
  • 85db siren (Switchable)
  • Vibrate function (Switchable)
  • 2 GB Memory
  • Use your own alarm or ringtone
  • USB Chargeable
  • Robust, functional design

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