Saturday, 2 February 2013

Trekmates flameless cooking system 'cook box' and 'flask'. Full review.

Thanks to the good guys at Trekmates I have had the chance to test out the 'Flameless Cook Box' AND 'Flameless flask' which is the revolutionary cooking system for those who love the outdoors and 'simple to use' equipment.
Having tested the 'Jetboil Flash' which has so much brutal heating power, I was intrigued to see how a flameless system measured up.
The 850ml box allows you to heat and cook food without using the conventional gas canisters and flames, but instead using the water activated heat packs to prepare your food!
This thing is an amazing idea! I was totally surprised to see how it works, it cooked my food piping hot with 10 minutes, and thanks to the neoprene cover on the box, it didn't burn my hands when holding the box. 
It is everything you could need for your outdoor cooking needs...
*Its packable for a start, i can fit this in my day pack and it doesn't fill up too much bag space.
*There is the obvious absence of potentially dangerous gases/flames.
*7-10mins your food is ready, and the heat packs can last up to 60mins total, so they can keep your food at a steady temperature whilst your eating from the box. 
*Its just the right size for a hearty meal.
It is supplied with two High Power, two Super Power heatpacks and measuring bottle, The super heat pack was what I used, and it packed some serious power!

Now, the Flask uses the same technology, but in a smaller package, but don't let that put you off! Its just as powerful as the 'cook box' although does take alittle longer to heat your liquids, as this is only suitable with the smaller heat packs. As I do alot of Downhill mountain biking, I found the flask could fit inside my hydration bag, so after 3 run runs down the tracks, it was time to get the soup on the go!

I was really happy that I had it with me as it was a cold day, and the fact I can pack it my pack and use it when I need it was a winning factor for me. The other thing about it is that you can fit a sachet of soup or instant coffee and a heat pack inside the flask and lock it all up ready for when you want a drink, which will also give you that extra pack space for other items.

So to summarise these brilliant little personal cooking systems,  I would say it is definitely worth investing in them, as they are so much more user friendly and safer to use than a gas/flame system. They're not too small for meals/drinks, yet small enough to tuck away.

To be honest I would say they are definitely direct competitors to most gas/flame systems on the market at present, and if you buy the two packages together, you'll have the the safest, lightest, and by far the handiest system around, not to mention the least expensive!

Trekmates have produced a brilliant piece of ingenuity, and design, thats completely at home on the mountain or in the tent for that matter!!

Features and benefits;
  • Box approx size 18 x 12.5 x 7.5cm
  • Mess tin approx size 17 x 11.5 x 5.5cm
  • Weight including cover approx 348g
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  1. Thanks Matt. The review is useful and informative. I'm a newbie of outdoor activities and your blog is brilliant.

  2. Thank you! I am trying my best to make the blog work, so your comment is very nice! All the best! Matt.

  3. I have used the cookbox in sub-zero conditions wild camping in the peak district. I love it. Just put in a freeze dried meal, set my alarm for 15 mins and get on with other stuff. Tent door completely closed for warmth, no need to watch it. I have other cooking options I use in the summer, but this is aces for winter use where you don't want to be faffing over a stove in the cold / wet

  4. And NO gas canisters that don't want to work first thing in the morning because they're too cold, or alternatively, no rolling over onto the gas canister you put in your doss bag to keep warm.

    Great idea !

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