Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The iPhone 5 'Smartskin' ultrathin protective cover review

In this post I will be reviewing the 'Smartskin' polyurethane thermoplastic double layered protective skin for your iPhone 5.
Now as mentioned above, the skin is a thermoplastic skin which enables the user to stretch the skin over their phone and cover it completely. It will then shrink back to its original capacity which sucks itself to your phone, which, after you apply the '3M' backing seal, creates a very tight and protective cover.

It's designed around the idea of everyday uses of your phone, for example, playing on the beach, it will protect your iPhone 5 from sand, water, and dirt.
It has no openings for earphones or chargers, as this would defeat the object of the 'Smartskin'....it's made to minimise damage from water, sand, snow, and dirt, whilst in everyday use, so charging would have to be done while the skin is off the phone.

As the skin is very thin, it adds no extra bulk to your phone, so it can be placed in your pockets or bags without compromising space.
It retains full functionality of the touch screen and camera, and has very little effect on the display of the screen.

The smartskins are available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and 3, Samsung galaxy S2 and 3.

They also work with other devices provided they fit. I used one on my iPad 1, and it fit perfect!

As I use my iPad to control my A.R.Drone 2 (see reviews for this), the skin is perfect when I use it outdoors. My iPad is protected from the rain, and if I need to place the iPad on the floor, I can be assured that it won't get grit, mud or water in it.

Prices range from £8-£13 and each pack contains 3 skins and 3 sticky back seals.

Overall, they are purposeful, thin, and extremely strong, which make the perfect cover for the outdoor enthusiasts that need their devices protected from the elements.

For more information please visit www.thesmartskin.com

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