Monday, 25 February 2013

Pure Hydration's In-line filter and bladder review.

Hi guys,

I felt I should write a review on the Hydration reservoir and in-line filter combo for the good people at 'Pure Hydration', as their products are very technologically advanced, and they work extremely well! They give you the confidence that you will be OK using dirty water sources, which is exactly what you need if you are going to commit yourself to drinking water that wouldn't normally be touched!!
As you are aware, I have already tested these items, filling the bladder with a puddle full of dirty water, so here are the important details!...

The Reservoirs are constructed from high quality, tough, and flexible food grade T.P.U and incorporate a hygienic full opening top allowing easy cleaning and filling. They're available in 2 and 3 litre capacities, and come complete with a flexible delivery tube and a Pure-Link Pop-top on/off valve.
They are also compatible with the Pure-Link connectors which can be installed into the delivery tube.
This means you can easily plug any of the Pure-Link compatible accessories into the reservoir of your hydration pack such as the 'In-line filter Assembly'.

By simply fitting the (supplied) connectors into the tube of your hydration system and clipping in the In-line Purifier, you can very simply and quickly turn your hydration system into a purification system.

Using the same technology as the 'Aquapure Traveller' bottle, the filter features the M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology that eliminates bacteria, viruses, larger pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt and odour, and as with all the filters, they're tested and approved for use by the 'London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine'.
Pure Hydration also manufacture an 'Armour weave' bladder which is extremely resistant to punctures and tears, which is just an amazing piece of kit, so stay tuned for that review!

The bladder can fit in most backpacks/hydration packs that have the compatible bladder area within them. They are a MUST HAVE item for any hiker, climber, and biker.

If you visit their website at , just check out the brilliant products they have available, and the technology involved in making these products. VERY clever people!

Here is the run down for the 'in-line filter'...
Easy & convenient to use – simply to insert/remove with  pure-link connectors
Lightweight & compact – ideal for travelling, outdoor activities & emergency use
Flow rate of approx. 1L per minute
Economical – approx. 11p per litre
The In-line Purifier does not require any chemicals or batteries
Technology: M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) Technology, using a process based on Electrohesion
Filter capacity: Up to approx 350L                                           depending on the water quality.
                                         Weight: 86 Grams
                                         Dimensions: 120mm (l) x 50mm (d)

Here is the run down for the Hydration Reservoir....
Full top opening for ease of use and cleaning
Flexible delivery tube with insulated & UV protected sleeve
High quality On/Off Valve with Pop Top
Pure-link compatible – for use with the In-line Purifier
Material: Food grade T.P.U
Capacity: 2L or 3L
Weight: 205g
Dimensions: 420 x 200 mm

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