Monday, 18 February 2013

Pure Hydration Prototype Aquasak review.

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Today I am reviewing a prototype hydration pack from 'Pure Hydration' here in the UK.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company, they mainly supply water purification systems to the armed forces to allow troops to use most water sources whilst out on the battle field, so if the systems are good for troops, they're good for us too!

Now, I have already reviewed the 'Aqua-pure Traveller' portable water purification bottle, and it performed flawlessly on Mt.Snowdon, so I was eager to see what exciting product they were developing next and if I could use it whilst doing some biking.

The actual bladder and in-line filter that is in the pack use the same M.A.D technology as in the 'Traveller' bottle and I'll be doing a full review on the filter in my next review.
The actual pack is a more revised version of the basic one that is available to the public.
The new pack features an elasticated netting to allow you to secure your cycle helmet to the pack, which is great when the summer heat is stifling your head and you need to feel the breeze without worrying about where to put your helmet!
It also features a large capacity bladder area which will allow the use of a 2ltr bladder and an in-line filter, plus there is still room for a few protein bars too.
It does have a fairly big front zip pocket for your ancillaries such as a small first aid kit, mini pump, puncture repair kit etc, and it does boast a Velcro secured removable mini-bag, which is ideal if you want to keep your goodies separate from the pack.
The pack features a water resistant nylon material, which reduces the chances of a soaked bag on a wet winter ride, and it does a good job of shedding off the mud stains too. The bag has a vented-like back padding, which allows airflow around the back and minimises a sweat soaked bag. The shoulder and hip straps have pockets on them which more of your essential items can be placed.
The pack is very light too, and the only increase in weight you will see is from the amount of water you'll place in the bladder, and how many accessories you place in the pockets.

I'm sure 'Pure Hydration' will alter certain parts of this pack to accommodate a wider audience, but for now it does look VERY promising, and performs brilliantly. They are constantly working on ways to develop new systems for different disciplines of sports and activities, so there are exciting times ahead for the water purification company.

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