Saturday, 9 February 2013

LockVogel 120 portable combination lock review.

For review today is the awesome little 'LockVogel 120' combination lock!

Now, if you are like me, and into all things outdoors, you sometimes find that you need to leave your things unattended, so you can go to the local bike shop, or cafe, or outdoors shop, so bringing a standard bike lock can be bulky and heavy or a mini padlock and chain system can be compromised very easily, so this lock will keep your things safe whilst you wonder off.

I personally use this with my bike, as its packable, light, and durable, and the cable is super tough,  which is everything you want to deter the 'chance' thief.

The lock itself is very small, and can fit in your pocket, in your bag, in a stuffsack and anywhere else for that matter! It also only weighs 85grams, so it is a very stealthy gadget to have, as you'll never notice you have it.
It uses a rewind system to bring the reinforced high-tensile cable back to the lock. The actual cable length is 120cm, which is plenty for a bike, enabling you to pin your bike to a lamppost, or other larger fixed features. It features a 4 digit combination locking mechanism, which can be dialled in to make your own passcode. It comes in red or black, and cost 11.99euros or £9.50, which is a very small price to pay for piece-of-mind.

Overall, the lock is a great and purposeful accessory which is worth its weight in gold, as it keeps your prized possessions secure, and doesn't sacrifice space in your packs.

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