Friday, 15 February 2013

Aerobed Pakmat inflatable camping mat review.

You can't have a good nights sleep whilst camping if your mat isn't up to the job!

So you need one that has a good thickness, that's made from tough materials, and is still very packable and light to carry on your rucksack.....

That's where the Aerobed Pakmat comes in..

The Aerobed Pakmat isn't just your average blow-up mattress, its designed with the camper in mind.
Firstly, this is a very light mat considering the plastic cylinder it comes with. I can place it on my rucksack, tighten the drawcord around it and I can never feel its presence, well no more than my standard camping mat anyway! It measures in around the same as a standard rolled up camping mat.
The second thing about this is that it gives you 130mm of air-cushioned comfort! There's no substitute for comfort. It is produced by using the plastic container which converts from the storage device to a hand pump, eliminating the use of a foot pump which most other mattresses come with and ultimately leaving you with a lighter pack load.
It will inflate in 60 seconds or less depending on how much effort you put in and will stay inflated until you release the air from the air-tight valve at the top of the mat.
One very good thing to know is that they come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, which is piece of mind for the buyer.
Dimensions come in at 198x66x13cm for the actual mat, and when packed away it measures 48cm x 40cm (diameter) and weighs in at 5.1lbs including the plastic container.

Overall this is a must for the camper who needs a good night sleep without sacrificing weight and size on your rucksack.
Prices start at £60 from most online stockist.
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