Friday, 11 January 2013

Jetboil Flash portable cooking system review

Hi guys, This is my review on the JETBOIL FLASH portable cooking system.

Now, the system has been around for awhile now, but I thought I would share my thoughts on it, as it is still a big seller around the world and very popular with people like myself, who love outdoor adventures, and are in need of a superb cooking system!

I first spotted the Jetboil last year whilst watching 'bear grylls' in his TV programme called 'wild weekends'.
To me it was the best thing I had ever seen, it looked small, lightweight and compact, and seemed seriously, £65 lighter, I placed my order!

When it arrived, I was extremely pleased. It looked every bit as cool as it did on the TV! It was very well made, with its neoprene protective surround,and the cups ingenious design incorporating a 'flux ring' on the underside, which spreads the heat evenly from the flame allowing for a more efficient burn time and minimising heat loss through the surrounding air. 

Heating water with this takes approx 65seconds to reach boiling point, which is very quick and great if you are on a timed mountain climb or cross country trek. 

The jetboil system uses most types of threaded valve gas canisters, but they have to be the EN417 specification, which is adopted by manufacturers all over the world for safety reasons. They come in various sizes, but I use a small 'coleman c250' canister which fits snug in the actual jetboil unit itself for use with quick drinks or soups and I also use a bigger 'coleman c500' canister for cooking larger meals on the jetboil saucepan, which again incorporates the 'fluxring' heating on the underneath of the pan.

The saucepan, although expensive (£29.99), really does serve its purpose. It'll heat up some oil in the pan in 5 seconds flat, and you can start cooking in it at that point, so quick meals are easy to cook. 
It cooks evenly and thoroughly too, and has plenty of room for multiple food items. 

I also purchased a cutlery set, which consists of a spoon, fork, and a spatula. 
All resistant to the heat in the pan and cup, and they all have telescopic handles so you can reach into the cup or keep a bit of distance from the saucepan whilst cooking. 

Overall, the quality, design, accessories, and ease of use, make this a must have item for the intrepid explorer, or someone who just likes cool and nifty gadgets!
I really can't fault this item, and can't see any flaws in it. It works great! 10/10 on all counts!

If you would like anymore info on the jetboil, or you would like me to review an item, please get in touch!

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