Thursday, 17 January 2013

Aquapure Traveller water purification system review.

As I have a love for the outdoors and camping (especially wild camping), I figured I needed some things that could get me out of a survival situation should I ever be stuck in one, so I opted for a water purification device, among other survival gubbins, as it would be ideal to just take water from a source that you may stumble upon on your adventures in the wild!
So, when I took delivery of my Aquapure Traveller, it really surprised me how 'normal' looking it is. I mean, it didn't look like something from the future and could it be mistaken for any other water bottle, but, the future and technology is inside....
The Aquapure company (pure hydration) have been making items like this for a number of years and have a number of water purification devices on offer, however the bottle I had was adequate for my uses. It boasted an amazing little filter that sits in the sipper unit, so all that you have to do is fill the actual bottle with a water source and screw the sipper cap on, making sure you don't contaminate the top with your dirty exposed hands, then drink from your bottle in the comfort of knowing all the little nasties that float around in most natural water sources are not getting into your body!!
The cap uses a unique filter that incorporates Aquapure's M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology that eliminates bacteria, viruses, larger pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, dirt and odour.
The bottle is a an awesome piece of kit that can potentially save your life, so it's worth just buying one for the coming Apocalypse, or just to use next time your camping!
At £34.99 from the Aquapure website, i personally think its very good value for money, especially when it could save you from various water related illnesses.
They also have an optional neoprene pouch for the bottle which comes in at £7.99, which again, is worth having to keep your bottle safe from knocks and bangs.
Key points to remember...
  • Easy & convenient to use – drinking bottle and water purifier combined
  • Lightweight & compact – ideal for travelling, outdoor activities and emergency use
  • Unique bottle design to aid flow rate – in excess of 1L per minute
  • Economical – approx. 10p per litre
  • Environmentally friendly – prevents up to 700 (500ml) PET bottles going to landfill
  • The Aquapure Traveller does not require any chemicals or batteries
Technology: M.A.D. (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) technology, using a process based on Electrohesion.
Bottle capacity: 750ml
Filter capacity: Up to approx. 350L, depending on the water quality
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: Height 22cm Diameter 7cm

Overall this product gets a 10/10 from me, as it is more valuable than gold if it saves a life!

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